Nakhon Hatyai Municipality jointly with the Tourism Authority of Thailand invite you to watch the beauty and to have wonderful experiences from the original ice carving from Harbin, People’s Republic of China for good relationship between Thailand and China under good cooperation from the Chinese government by the Ministry of Culture of China and Embassy of China in Thailand. The event is held on 1st November 2010 until 30th April 2011 at 10.00 – 22.00 hrs. at the park of Nakhon Hatyai Municipality. Special! Experience the wonderful ice world on the exhibition area of 1,000 square meters within the large building in height of 8 meters under the temperature of minus 15 degree, largest and coldest in Thailand. Have pleasure with the cold atmosphere with the ice world animals and variety of ice world flora


Ice craftwork (ice carving)
Form of ice carving shown by Chinese in this year
1. Celebration zone for King Bhumibhol
2. Zone of relationship since 35 years between Thailand and China
3. Zone of top attraction of each country
4. Amusement park zone
5. General form, consisting of:
1. Thai Pavilion
2. Sky Hall Tien Than
3. Statue Merion (Singapore)
4. Pagoda of 5 levels (Japanese)
5. Parliament Building (British)
6. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)
7. Opera House (Australia)
8. Twin Building Petronas (Malaysia)
9. Slider (Fortress)
10. Ice Bar
11. Red Square (Russia)
12. Victory Gate (France)
13. Cathedral Cologne (Germany)
14. Parliament Building, USA
15. Ancient Greek (Athens)
16. Taj Mahal (India)

Place of event
Park of Nakhon Hatyai Municipality, Kanchanawanich Road on the route of Hatyai – Songkhla (old route) consists of Building Harbin – Hatyai, long lasting relationship for celebration of relationship between Thailand and China since 35 years on the area of 800 square meters in height of 8 meters under the temperature of minus 15 Celsius degree and 1 building in area of 900 square meters. Watch ice world flora and animals.

Ice Festival of Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China

Ice festival of Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China, is referred officially as Harbin Ice Festival at the beginning of each year since the year 1985 because this city is located in the northeastern region of China, in the north of Heilongjiang Province, adjacent to Russia. It is influenced by ice storm from Siberia of Russia. The temperature of the cities of Heilongjiang Province is cold and minus 16.8 Celsius degree. In some years, the temperature is minus 38.1 Celsius degree. Therefore, it always snows in the winter. The authority organizes the ice festival and relevant festivals. In addition, in the summer, the maximum temperature is only 21 Celsius degree only.

The International Ice Carving Festival is held at Sun Island on side of Songhua River, north of Harbin. In each year, ice carvers from several countries show their skills for ice carving as the national identity. In the night, decoration was made with lighting for more beauty and shown for at least 1 month, depending on the weather. In addition, the Ice Lantern Garden party is held on the park in Harbin City. The ice lamp is the carving of ice in different forms. Then, lighting is equipped from inside. For the ski event, Yabuli International Ski Resort on Yabulai Mountain is popular in Heilongjiang Province, and Zhaolin Park is the ice carving show relating to Chinese tradition and beautifully decorated with light.

Haty Yai Ice Dome Festival Tickets

Type and price of tickets

150 Bath
300 Bath